Panasonic TU-CTH100 - HELP!



Purchased the panasonic pvr, April 05, after reading endless reviews praising its performance.

But from day one it crashed, recorded programs i hadn't programmed, didn't record programs i had programmed, took over 12 seconds to change channels, the pause live TV only worked occassionaly and fast forwarding sent it into shock. :mad: So after false promises from panasonic that software version 47 would fix all of these 'KNOWN' software bugs i changed it for a replacement, October 05, more fool me. :thumbsdow
My new box has failed to record 6 of the 7 programs we prgrammed and it is driving me f*!cking mad.
Please someone tell me, is it me? am i missing something?



Focker :suicide:
I had one of these for a few weeks. And took it back for a refund. Junk.
I have three Panasonic dvd recorders which all give excellent service. Surprised that they should market such a fault prone PVR. Fortunately I already had the utterly reliable Digifusion PVR which has never failed me in almost eight months now. For my other PVR I chose the Topfield 5800t (which still has some glitches to sort out) in preference to the Panasonic. What a fortunate decision this turned out in retrospect.

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