Panasonic Toughbook USB problem


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Hi i'm having a problem with my usb hardware. When i put the usb sticks in they light up yet when i go to my computer they dont show up so i can't load any software on to it.

I've checked all drivers are up to date which they are and there are no issues under system/hardware/usb.

I did some looking on the net and found that when i go to my compute/manage/disc management then if it recognises the usb it would show up there but it doesn't, it only shows drive c and drive d.

I've gone into the bios screen but can see nothing that says usb enabled or disabled. I'm not a computer whizz but everything seems fine although it still doesn't recognise it.

I've tried several usb sticks and even a mouse yet it doesn't pick any of them up.

As the laptop has no optical drive then without usb then i can't load any software on it.

Can anyone help?
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