Panasonic 'timed' screen saver modes

I have just found a PDF of the Series 5 plasmas and saw an interesting comment about the 'Screen Savers':

All 3 can be started up in manual mode, or they can be set to automatically start/stop at preset times in timer mode or for preset periods in interval mode.

What are the 'timer' and 'interval' modes.

Obviously 'manual' is when you go into the menu and select 'on'

The same document goes on to talk about the 'Professional Menu' where you can set:

On/Off Timer: Automatically turns the power on or off at preset times

But how do you program WHICH screen saver operate at WHAT time.

Even if this is the 'timer' mode they are talking about, what about 'interval' mode.

I am not sure if its even worth bothering with, but if there was a way to have the 'white bar' running every night for 10-20mins, I would be tempted.


Hi Jon,

Did you not get a manual with your plasma? I got one with my series 4 and there is a section in there on the different Screensaver modes.

On the 4 you can set them on the same menu screen that you turn the Screensaver ON/OFF.

I think

timer: Screensaver comes on at a set time.
interval: Screensaver comes on at set intervals for a set period of time.


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I'm been using the white bar screensaver to switch on at a pre determined time early morning and it runs for 20 mins then switches off ,when I asked Joe re the screensaver he said it cant do the panel any harm so I run mine every morning,its very straight forward to setup and I think adds extra peace of mind re screen burn etc.

I have the Series 5 instruction manual and also read the Series 4 manual before I got my Plasma.

Neither have any mention of 'timed' modes.

They just show how you select a 'screen saver' and how you activate it.


What you are doing is exactly what I want to do.. How do you set it up.. My menus (or instructions) have no mention of a timer.

As I said in my original post, I know how to turn the 'timer' on under the Professional Menu, but want to be sure that this is the right way before I do anything.


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Setup timer
Power on function ON
Power on time 02:15
Power off function ON
Power off time 2:31
Screensaver : White bar scroll
Start time 2:16
Finish time 2:30
Mines a series 4,I presume the setup menu is similar
I don't have a 'setup timer' option on my Series 5.

But when i played with the Series 4, I don't remember seeing on either.

What am I missing here?



Series 4 user guide , page 32 shows the remote and which buttons to press. From here you can set the different 'mode' options for the screensaver.

This online manual is the same as the one I got with my plasma. I realise you have a series 5, but the info has got to be in the manual. You said you downloaded the manual, where from? I can't find it anywhere.

Neither have any mention of 'timed' modes.

They just show how you select a 'screen saver' and how you activate it

It does:confused:

I have a Toshiba Series 5 and dont' have any timer option.

However, I just spoke to a colleague who has a Series 5 Panasonic (in black) and he does.

The only difference is that he has a Panasonic and I have a Toshiba.

But also that his is a 'commercial' version where as mine is a 'consumer' one..

Could it be that only the 'commercial' version has this??

As I said at the beginning of this thread, the PDF file that I have shows a 'Timer' option (On or OFF) in the 'Professional Menu'

However, I looked in my menu (the one with wobble) and there was no option to turn 'timer' on..

I really must be missing something here.

Does anyone with the 'consumer' version have timers?

Joe Fernand

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The Consumer models do not have the automated timer settings - its one of the benefits of the Commercial models.

Best regards

Ahha.. It now all makes sense...

I was hoping that under the 'professional menu' you might be able to switch this functionality one, but apparantly not.

Ah well.. Its not the end of the world...

Many thanks for your help


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I just took delivery of my Tosh 42WP27 and would like to know how to access the professional menu. Where did you get the PDF from?

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