Panasonic TH58PZ700B screen problem


I've a Pano TH58PZ700B which I bought last year and the other day I noticed on the right side and running from the bottom to about mid way a 11/2 inch section of the screen which is either black or has a fuzz of colours running around inside this box section.
It seeem to go after the set warms up after 10 mins.
I've a engineer coming out to have a peek to see whats going on.
I've tried it on other inputs like DVD and its still shows too.
I have also reset the tv to shipping condition and its still there.

Has anyone ever come across this box shape problem before and if so has what was the problem.



Just an update on this as I feel its nice to add content in case anyone else has a problem like mine in the future.

The enginner turned up and sure enough when turned on from a cold start the box was there on the right side of the screen running from the bottom to the middle of the screen.
He told me its either the pcb or the screen and they will order in some new parts which will be about 2 weeks then come and collect the tv and take it from there.
As the tv warms up it goes from a black box to having a fizz look then it disappears.
The local company have been great and very helpful which is nice. When they collect it the engineer told me they will lend me a tv to watch :)

The chap did say it could end up being a new tv if the screen is replaced. Not sure what they mean, is it to expensive to replace a screen?


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I have the same model, working fine so far 18 months on ...with a 5 yr guarantee :smashin:

glad to hear that you got good service - thats what matters

most of the cost IS the panel though, and by the time you take into account the margins involved on a new TV, and the cost of a panel, its likely to be just as cheap for the warranty company to give you a new TH-58 800 series or whatever else is their latest model :smashin:


Cheers t72bogie.
I would be happy to get a nice new one:clap: I've only had the tv for just over a month and half and I must be just unlucky with this one.


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Sorry to hear you've had problems. I've had this screen for 9 months now and alls well. Mind you I did not take out an extended warrenty so fingers crossed it satys well!


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Cheers t72bogie.
I would be happy to get a nice new one:clap: I've only had the tv for just over a month and half and I must be just unlucky with this one.

If it is being looked at by Panasonic under the manufacturer's 12 month guarantee, then it will be repaired and not replaced. It is extraordinarily rare for Panasonic themselves to replace a faulty set.


Thanks MR2Harvey its just one of those things. I have a five year warranty through that deal Panasonic did just before Christmas which is well worth the peace of mind.
Its the local family run company that are going to look at the repair or replace but either way it should be fine when fixed.
Really like the tv, its opened my eyes up to just how good plasma can be.

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