Panasonic TH50PHD8 image retention


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Can you guys tell me if the PHD8 suffers with retention as i have seen some posts in the US forums stating that the new PHD9 is suffering with retention. So i might just get a PHD8?


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The PHD8 is about the most resistant to image retention of any plasma that I have seen. I had one for 8 months and never saw a trace of retention despite pausing Sky+, leaving logos on-screen, etc. - it just isn't an issue.


I thought image retention was when say you pause a dvd player, after about 5 mins the screen goes black with just say a small logo (In the case of my oppo 971H) that moves around the screen.

When the logo changes places, the area where the logo was isn't the same colour as the background - hench image retention...nothing to do with screen burn? I thought all plasmas did this and was totally normal?

Or am I barking up the wrong tree?


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My experience is that it does have some image retention but does not last long and you can only notice it if the screen goes black. 2 - 3 mins and its gone.
My new phd8 has no retention problems at 2 year old watches the disney channle for hours with no problems where as my pioneer used to proudly display 'disney' for hours afterwards

Mark, As far as the phd8 range is I see no problems cant say the same for the phd9 (not seen one yet) thats why I went for the ph8 as its a proven screen.

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