Panasonic TH42PZ70 Plasma Vs 1080p LCD

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    Hi All, this is my first post so please be gentle!

    I will be purchasing my next TV in the next few weeks and have narrowed the choice down to the panny TH42PZ70 or the Sammy LE40F86 LCD. I have read much about the benefits of Plasma over LCD and whether 1080p is actually needed at this screen size, but one or two questions remain.

    Yesterday I had a good look at the Panny at my local Panasonic shop and had a good play around with the settings - I was blown away by the picture in terms of clarity and overall PQ both on HD and SD (digital tuner). I then trotted off to a local indy to check out the Sammy (suffice to say he didn't have the F series on display yet) but did have the Panny running alongside the LE40M86/7 showing the same Bluray film (SWAT). I understand that the M uses the same super clear panel as the F so a great chance to compare!

    My concerns are firstly that the differences in Black level and did not seem that much at all, in fact If i am super critical I would say that the Sammy had better blacks:confused: The level of detail was again very similar with the Panny just shading it for me. Both sets seemed to handle the fast moving parts of the film very well and I would say that the Panny just shaded this too as it seemed to retain more detail. The picture on the PZ looked slighlty softer and more realistic in terms of colours IMO and I think I preferred it overall as the Sammy looked over contrasted and more digital. The owner was more than happy for me to fiddle around with the settings etc and I couldn't seem to get a picture on the Panny that was black enough for my liking. Indeed when i turned the sets off the Panny's screen is somewhat grey looking - like my old CRT, whereas the Panny's screen was black. My question is does this affect the black levels of images shown on the screen? Also do any of you F86 owners have any comments on the overall PQ of the F86, particularly on SD sources?

    Certainly when I viewd the Panny next to the Pio Plasmas the Pios murdered the PZ in terms of Blacks:( - but I can't afford one of those. Th PZ is my top choice still, but I can't help wondering if the F series will have moved the game on sufficiently to warrant buying LCD over Plasma (my viewing will be mainly sports on SD Sky+ and movies - Bluray and some games- PS3). Any thoughts?

    Apologies for the length of this post by the way!

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