Panasonic TH42PX70PED


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Mar 12, 2007
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what do you lot think about this tv , was thinking about getting this, but am unsure really, i dont really care about HD picture but am more interested in knowin what teh SD picture is like
There are a few threads on the PX70 already Chris. You should find all the comments you need in there.
went to John Lewis again on Bank holiday Monday to view this set again really wanting to see standard definition on Freeview and the picture was more impressive. For a start the set was on Dynamic picture settings which was too bright so the assistant turned it over to normal picture. The picture was very good much better than my previous viewing which has Blue Peter on BBC 1 !! and looked very messy!

I am not interested in SKY HD but only interested in viewing DVD's (and in the future looking at a HD DVD player no doubt Christmas 2007 when the format war may have some resolution) from what people have been posting standard definition DVDs seem excellent and show plenty of detail, only thing putting me off is any possibility of screen burn but by the sound of it keeping the picture off its brightest settings should avoid this problem from happening at all.

I am considering this set strongly based on price and Panasonics strong reputation on plasmas, at work we have 2 panasonic plasmas on 8 hours a day! , on Sky channels for 2 years so based on that foundation in the next month or so and finding an appropriate wall bracket as well as possibility of Pioneers new range as an alternative( no idea on pricing range ) the Panasonic is a thumbs up!!

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