Panasonic TH42PX70/700 Vs Pioneer PDP427XD


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As the title says ! cannot decide on which one to go for ? :confused:
i am thinking of the 700 panasonic model but the pioneer keeps on poping up all over sites with some people saying it is still the best ! money is not the issue between them , as i have up to 1500 . its what is the best of them all




????????????? :lease:


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depends man the 700 will basically be the px70 with better speakers, extra HDMI, anti reflection coating and SD card slot.

Personally the only appeal for me was the anto-glare but have read reports it CAN have slight adverse effect to picture so didnt bother waiting.

If you play a lot of games you get the odd green fringe from high contrast games like Gears Of War - see www.* for explanation and review.

The HD picture on the px70 is absolutely stunning, and has very inky blacks. The performance is fantastic. SD freeview is very good too, especially with a good signal. Some people have complained picture is a bit 'soft' - so I think it comes down to signal etc

DVD performance (SD) is very very good, I have just bought VGA cable for xbox360, and picture is stunning, no bleeding, natural colours and upscaled very nicely. It has convinced me to but an Oppo 981 upscale player, or new Panny DVD HDD / Freeview recorde which upscales. Not decided yet.

The Pioneer 427XD is a sterling Plasma - the SD picture it has to be said is amazing. As is the HD performance. There is no real noticeable diff between Pio and Panny on DVD and HD, I think the Panny edges it on blacks, and the Pio has better greens. My mate has PS3 we watched Casino Royale on blueray, it looked great - to be honest I couldnt see much diff when i went home and played my SD version through the 360. I guess if you did side by side you might see a diff, but was not that amazing that made me want to run and buy a PS3. In fact I was until I saw it, now I am content to upscale my current collection until prices drop, and more titles are out - then i can replace ad hoc!

Downfalls on Pio? Not many - dirty screen issue some people have, and the price - the Pio is about £1250 WITHOUT a stand, so really comes in aboput £400 more than the Panny. Therefore for me was a no brainer as I can see no great reason why the Pio is worth an extra load of my cash having seen my mates run for months.

I now have extra cash for more kit!!!! (The oppo or Panny set)

He has seen my Panny a few times now and concedes it is on par with the Pio.

Both handle sports very nicely, both look nice, well i think so i love the black look. it 'blends' in to surroundings well.

The panny is not noisy, it has no fans, and the picture just gets better with each week.

Oh one other point I would say the Panny is FAR easier to calibrate, it took my mate hours and hours to calibrate the Pio, it has hundreds of little settings if you like that sort of stuff.

The panny needs very very little calibrating - switch to cinema, knock down brightness a bit, switch colour to warm and you are pretty much there!

Hope this helps :)


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Well, aside from speakers included with the Pannys, you're concern about the 427 may be regarding the dirty screen/buzzing issue.
As far as the Pannys are concerned, does the 700 have any additional features you can't do without, save for the anti-reflective coating?
Do you need 3 SCARTS, or will 2 suffice?
Do you need headphone socket, or is that surplus to requirement?
Can you work with a 50" or is 42" the limit the room/layout will permit? (screen x2 for HD, x3 for SD min rec'd viewing distance)
If you can work with a 50", then 507 might be within reach in a month's time or the PX70 now. Equally the PH9 at the special price herein (top of the page for this forum) but you will need to budget for speakers and possibly an external DVB-T box, if Virgin or Sky isn't on the agenda or part of the equation.


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thanks gigs great full reply !! :thumbsup:
so i guess from your post you are saying go for the px70 ! ?
i am going to wall mount the set also , but my main reason for the 700 over the 70 is the better sound , i thought the px70's sound was a bit flat and i am hoping that the 700 is worth the extra cash . i can get a 700 trade inc vat for about 1150 i was quoted with the wall bracket , i also can get the pioneer trade . but just need to decide, i think from your reply the panny is the way to go , its just 70 or 700 now !
the uk launch is the 13th of april - next friday , and should get in stock week after , so not long to wait now and compare.

thanks again, panny here a come . :smashin:

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