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I have a Panasonic TH42PX600 and the picture quality is spot on, however I purchased a set-up DVD to check things like picture geometry etc, as I was finding I could see the top of the frame when viewing DVD's though the HDMI input? and find that when viewing the test card from the same DVD player though the HDMI input there is too much top and bottom castrations showing, i.e. the V-size needs increasing slighty. But this is fine when switching back to AV3 via a scart input from the same DVD player. Obviously there must be individual settings for each input set-up, are there?

I have accessed the service menu ok, as its the same keys as for my older TH42PA20, but while scrolling though the options to adjust I can only find the H-pos then it just ends with the Hours counter? where do I fine the V-pos, V-size and H-size settings, are they hidden away somewhere else in the menus?

Anyone else had a fiddle with their PX600's yet?



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Why would you need to enter the service menu, and is it a back thing if you do i.e. can you do anything to your panel that might damage / change it?

Am sure I read on here a few weeks ago urging caution when going into the Service Menu!!!!



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As long as your carefull its fine, have set up my other Plasma fine, adjusted all the V-pos, V-size and H-pos, H-Size controls to get the picture just the right size. The factory normally set these so it over scans, which then means some of the text say on News 24 runs off the bottom of the picture, or the picture say on your sky planner is off centre, so this can be easily addressed.

For those who wish to try, but be very carefull if your unsure, then don't touch it. I used a DVD test disc to display a test card to show the boundarys of the picture.

To access the service menu, do the following steps.

Set Analoge channel to 99

Set Bass to Max
Set Treble to Min

Simultanoius press the Shift on remote and the -/v on TV panel at same time, you should now see a screen full of text and numbers. This is menu 1

You navigate though options using the Green and red buttons on the remote.

Change any values with the Blue and Yellow buttons, press STR Store to save new values.

Pressing the Green button till it won't go any further, then press the Hold button to go to menu 2, here you can access the things you can safely change, like H-Pos, V-pos, H-size and V-size, I wounldn't adjust any of the other settings leave them alone!! If the "Hold" button won't access Menu 2 at this point, make sure you are still on channel 99 or it won't work!

To exit the menu at any time press the N button on remote control

You can use this service manual entry to check how many hours your set has been operated as this is the last entry on the listings on service menu 2

Have fun, but be carefull changing things you don't understand or you could render the panel useless.

You have been warned



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Can you set this separatly for each input (SCART RGB, Component, HDMI,...)?

Is there also an option to adjust the colors red, green and blue for ISF calibration the 42PX60/600? Also for each input separatly?

Thanks in advance,


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Yes on the menu 1 you have all the usaully controls you would find on a CRT Television like Green, Blue and Red Drive adjustments, so yes it would be possible to adjust the colour tint there.

My question was on the PX600 I can't find the H-Amp, V-Amp and V-Pos controls like on my older Plasma, there appears only to be the H-Pos only, so where do I find the others???


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Panasonic TH42PX600 Setup or Service menu

I have tried the descrition to enter the servicce mode and I cannot access it.

Not sure what button on the remote you mean by 'Shift' howver pressing the i button on the remote and the V/- button on the tv access's the self check mode (which come up as fail) after this the green button does not select any movement or other menu.

What am I doing wrong??

I am trying to acces the screen which shows how long the set has been running and I wonder if this can be reset

Anyone know how to help me....please

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