Panasonic TH42PX60 out of date?

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Hi guys

I'm in the process of trying to order the Panny 42px60cab and am finding a wide range of prices from Argos £2300 to Dixons online for £1400 and others in between.

Is this set now out of date and a new model comeing in hence the price cuts?

If so would i be better to wait for whatever the new model is? I'm in a position of not being in a huge rush and can be patient if warrented (but i really want it now :) )

Can i expect the new model to be a lot more expensive and if so for a small picture quality increase would the current model be a good idea to grab while stocks last?

Any advice appreciated.


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This set was released only 3-4 months ago and is part of Panasonic's new range. If you want the next one up, buy the PX600 which looks more like a Pioneer with a piano-black bezel, has an SD card slot and has better sound.

I've got the PX60 and it is very good through everything, escpecially HD on the Oppo and 360. The extra cost of the PX600 seems too much as all my sound goes through speakers and my Xbox acts as a Media Player for photos.


The PX60 is available at Richersounds for £1400 inc. the stand which they say is worth £400. I'm not sure how accurate this is, or whether it comes as standard, but as it's at the bottom of the price brand u found though u might be interested.


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I've found the th42px60cab version available on digital direct for £1320 (or there abouts), but was wondering if anyone knew whether JL would price match this so I could get the 5 year warranty? I doubt it, as I couldn't see a store to pick the item up from on their site. So does anyone know of anywhere cheaper, or a way to get JL to pricematch this?


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