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Panasonic TH42PX60 & HD-E1 Upscaling Advice



Hi all,

First apologies if this is in the wrong section, im sure a Mod will move it anyway :)

This is my first plasma purchase (£699) and i will be the first to admit that i know absolutely nothing about the technology. To complement the plasma i also indulged in a Toshiba HD-E1 HD-DVD player. My main question in this thread is the following:

What is the 'best' resolution to upscale SD-DVD's to on this set? Does anyone have any experience of using the two? I know the old adage of 'whatever looks best' but as i have spent a lot of money on these two, i would really like to know some other opinions. I am aware that both componants are highly regarded for their upscaling ability, but which is better?

Should i have the E1 set to 1080i and let the TV downscale, or set it to 720p and let the TV upscale slightly?

All thoughts appreciated :)


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I have a E1 with a Pioneer 436XDE plasma, that I assume has the same resolution as the Panasonic has.

Don't know about SD material, I never tried but don't think there is much to gain by upscaling first, and then downscaling again.

I did test with HD content however, only to find that 1080i is a little better. I guess this makes sense too as feeding 1080 means the signal only has to be processed (rescaled) once, from 1080 to 768 lines. If you are to output 720p then the Toshiba will have to convert the source material first from 1080i to 720p, and then the plasma has to do it all over again by converting 720p the the panels native resolution of 768p. I guess there is nothing to gain by double processing the material if you can obtain the same result in one step, but maybe things look different on a Panasonic.

Mind you, my findings are differences on HD content, and the differences are small anyway. However I guess the same principle goes for SD content. Don't process the signal any more then necessary.....


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I'm using an E1 with my PX60 and as Superwof has found with the PIO, the 'up to 1080i' setting on the E1 looks best (IMO).

This is somewhat unexpected as my TVDrive looks best set to 720p so I was expecting that to be the optimum setting on the E1.

Anyway, check each setting and see which you prefer. I'd recommend setting the PX60 to cinema mode with cool picture and NR off. On some HD DVDs you can even turn the sharpness up a few notches - just turn it down again afterwards as SD Broadcasts won't look so good.

Happy viewing!!

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