Panasonic TH42PX60 broken - no power?

Gaz B

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After a crap week of various problems including Sky TV, a plumbing disaster and the worst dentist visit of my life, my tv has decided to jump on the bandwagon.

We were just watching TV as normal (More4 on a Sky HD box via HDMI if it's important) and the TV just turned off. Pressing the power button did nothing at all. I unplugged and plugged the cable back in, no joy. Tried a different socket, still no joy.

Tried a different power cable (kettle type, same rating 5a) and the power button did something, although now there is no picture and the power / standby light just blinks a lot, then stops, then blinks some more.

If anyone knows what's going on I'd appreciate any help. Panasonic Customer Support is closed until Monday and I phoned Currys (even spoke to the store manager where I got it) and they didn't want to know as it's 14 days over 1 year old. It is also my 3rd Plasma from them as the other ones also messed up (Hitachi 42PD6600) and I ended up getting replacements as their customer services had them for over a month each, hence my reluctance to get them involved. I mentioned the Sale of Goods Act to the Manager and said that a £2000 (what the TV cost back then!) should last longer than 12 months and it's not reasonable to expect it to fail at that time but it didn't sway him at all.

Any advice (regarding the TV especially or how to deal with Currys) greatly appreciated.


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