Panasonic TH42PWD5 or TH42PW5B ?


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What are the main differences/benefits between these 2 plasma screens ?


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Ok - the D5 is the black (commercial screen) whereas the 5B is the silver (general market) screen. Not many differences between the two but the black one is cheaper by about £300, and has slighty more?! features such as a screensaver.

I have the D5 and it is a superb screen! See my website for wall mount fitting instructions!



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The commercial one also has a reportedly better contrast ratio. I think the silver looks a bit tacky too, i opted for the black commercial one..

Jason S

the D5 can be set to auto adjust contrast dependant on ambient conditions, bright room higher contrast, dark room lower. I have mine on auto for day to day viewing and switch to a fixed one for movies.

D5 comes with either the BNC or Phono board, not the tuner or its connector board. My BNC board was supplied separately and I fitted it myself (2 minutes tops)

I'd be inclined to think the commercial screeens were a little more rugged too, due to their intended uses, but I may be wrong :confused:

Get one, I did, it's the second best purchase I made this year (See my avatar for the number one purchase :cool: ). Remember, black is the new black, and silver will be out of fashion next week.

Kazuya Mishima

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Me got charcoal (black) one too - 4 series. Looks great even when switched off.

The technical justification (if anyone is interested) was supplied by Joe Fernand - the silver screen's 'bezel' round the edge is shiny, and its shinyness reduces the perceived contrast. A charcoal bezel does not detract from the screen's contrast.

I haven't explained that brilliantly.....

Also, I avoid 'silver' components because they're all different colours. Arcam silver = gunmetal grey for example! I go for BLACK.

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