Panasonic TH42PW5B, Tivo and subtitles



I now have my new plasma, and have the following elements set up:

Panasonic TH42PW5B
Pace Digital Terrestrial Freeview

DTT is attached by Scart to Tivo, which talks to the plasma via an Rb -> VGA connection. The PS2 is on the composite in.

I have the analogue aerial going into the Tivo - I'm not currently recording off of Digital. The reason for this is that my (non-English) wife watches Tivo with the subtitles on.

It occurs to me that I normally get Tivo subtitles by pressing the Teletext button on the Tv remote control. Great ... except the plasma remote doesn't have teletext.

So, my questiona are:

- Is there any way of getting at the teletext with my existing setup?

- Is there any way of recording subtitle off Digital terrestrial?

- If the answers to both questions is "no", then beyond buying the tuner box for the plasma and plugging Tivo into that, is there any way of displaying subtitles from the Tivo?

BTW, apologies for posting this on two forums. I wasn't sure which of them was most appropriate. I'd welcome guidance on whether this is correct, or if I should always post to one forum only?




Digital teletext is available from DTT, but unlike analog it is not a part of the normal program transmition. digi teletext is on another channel and needs to be accessed directly from the DTT box.
IIRC you can set the DTT box to always display subtitle, but TiVo will then always display the subtitles on replay, unlike analog which can be switch on/off as required dureing play back from TiVo.

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