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I recently got a TH42PW5B. I'd like to plug in some speakers directly, but don't like the Panasonic range very much. Does anyone have suggestions of good alternative speakers. I'd prefer them to be pretty small.

I don't have an AV amp yet, and was hoping to put off getting one for a little while. I currently attach my Tivo and DTT box via RGB -> VGA from JS Electronics, and the PS2 is attached to the composite in (hence no sound!).

I'm open to other suggestions, but I don't have much money left after recent purchases :)


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You need to get some book shelf speakers, a quick look in What HiFi should give you an idea of what's good, and what's not.

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If you have a stereo of some sort in the room perhaps you may think of routing the sound through that - either using it's speakers or buying a small pair, if not placed well for screen, but using the stereo's amp?


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I am facing exactly the same dilemma: I don't much care for the Panasonic speakers either. Ideally I want some really small speakers or flat panel NXT ones that can be sort of hidden away a bit.

I have done a bit of research into the official speakers to find out their specifications. Unfortunately there isn't much information available. All I have found out is that they are 6 ohm impendence. The Wattage from the panel itself is 8W per channel so I assume that the speakers will be rated slightly more than this.

Given an output of 8W, what sort or wattage speakers should I be looking for? Does it matter? If I get speakers rated at 50W will the panel have a hard time driving them? Or is this something governed by the impedence?



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Not being completely read up on current speakers, but here's some general pointers.

if it a 50W speaker and an 8W source there shouldn't be any problem. If you've got a 50W source and and 8W speakers, you've got problem. You could easily drive the speaker too hard. W is for Watt - as in power.

Sensitivity is another issue. With only 8W of power, you'll want to have a speaker with a high sensitivity. This is how loud the speaker is for any given input signal. Some will give louder output than others for the same power. A quick look in What HiFi and they range from 84dB to 92dB. Ok, this is only 8dBs of a difference, but you've got to remember that dB is a non-linear measurement. So 8dBs is a significantly difference. Therefore, get a speaker that has a high sensitivity if you've got a low power source

Impedance, measured in ohms, is another issue. Power from an amplifier is measured in watts to a certain impedance. Power is V^2/R where V is voltage and R resistance (ohms). With 4 ohms you could have twice the power than 8 ohms, and somewhere in between with 6 ohm speakers.

Finally, make sure you like the sound via the speaker! A sperate amplifier will help - then you could get 5.1 surround (but that's another thread somewhere else). This is where a HiFi shop really does come in handy. You can go along and get a demo of the speaker, amp and source before purchasing. For HiFi equipment, I wouldn't do it any other way than this.

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Jon Weaver

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I am in a similar boat... Whilst I love my home-cinema sound for movies, I just can't get used to it for 'normal' TV.

I was originally going to buy the proper speakers, but it does make the Plasma look ugly and they are just too expensive for what they are.

I have some old (unused) Sony surround speakers which I am going to connect and put them next to the centre speaker on my cabinet.

They shouldn't stand out too much and will hopfully satisfy my needs for normal TV.

Ultimately, I am going to try and use my Amp/Speakers more and hopfully, one day get used to them for ALL types of viewing, but for now, I want external speakers.

You have to think that its only an 8W output.. Its not going to be 'hifi' quality, so I wouldn't spend much on speakers.. Just try and find some small, neat speakers and you will be laughing.


John, your reply gave me precisely the information that I required. What Hifi here I come.

THanks to the rest of you for suggestions regarding speakers. For now something small, light and discreet will server nicely by the sounds of it, as long as I don't try and push the plasma's internal amplifier too hard.

Next stop ... a decent amp, DVD etc. Gonna start saving;)

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