Panasonic TH42PW5



Owned this panel from new and have been delighted. However, it has just developed a problem I can't seem to solve.
Best way I can describe it, is that the picture will intermittently zoom in and out. Not a huge amount, but enough to lose say, most of the panel on the bottom of the Sky News screen. It might stay like this for a while or just a few secs, then returns to normal.
I've also noticed that I invariably can't see all of the titles on movies - like it has zoomed in or the screen is too narrow.
I've checked all the (Atlas) connections and can't find a problem. I've also tried the picture setting via the remote. This has been said to automatic and I assume this is correct?
Any ideas?


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I have my PWD8 set to 16:9 as well. What do you have connected to it? I found that when I had Sky+ it was solid as a rock but since I've moved to SkyHD I find that broadcasts vary and I get for more variance, nothing I can't deal with but if you've made a similar change in STB it might be the reason?

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