Panasonic TH42PA20 and TH42PE30




I just learned today that the PA20 model has been discontinued. Panasonic website features new PE30 model which is due out later in the month.

Any recommendations as to whether a potential buyer should go for an ex-display model of the old screen or hold out for the new one ? On-line price for the new one appears to be approx. £3250 which is more than the outgoing model !



What is the difference between these to apart from styling and integrated tuner in the PE30?

I've just ordered a PA20, there seem to be some good deals going on this set just now, plus it sounds as though it will be easier to wall mount.


The new one has better on board sound, and that digital tuner. Downside, as Elvis points out, it's lumpy on the back, and a new wall mount has been comissioned by AV sales, but it will still be bulkier on the wall than the PA20.


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Elvis, I may have missed one of your posts, but didn't you have a Hitachi?
What happened and why are you now plumbing for a panasonic?
I was also heading for a PA20, but I have found that the PE30 is actually cheaper than the out going model ( mind you I am looking at the 32" model.


I sent my Hitachi back as I was unhappy with certain aspects of the picture, which does not necessarily affect all Hitachi sets, but certainly affects some of them. Hitachi weren't very understanding so I am going for a different manufacturer this time 'round.

I chose panasonic because they are one of the few manufacturers who make a 'proper' integrated TV with speakers, tuner etc, which is what I was looking for originally in the Hitachi.


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talking of an integrated setup........please bear with me i am a newbie as far as this stuff goes:

I will be running picture to the the plasma from the sky+ box and the sound through my surround receiver and speakers. WOuld i need the integrated setup or will a monitor only solution be okay for me?


Monitor only will be fine for you, especially if you don't mind turning on your surround amp to watch TV every time. If this is an issue you should add side speakers/separate speakers powered by the plasma for more day to day type use, or go integrated. The surround amp issue is usually overcome with a universal remote.

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