Panasonic TH37PX80 - Vertical Green Lines??


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After weeks of trying to decide on a TV, I finally went out and got myself a Panasonic TH37PX80, had it just over a week now, it's fantastic!

However, came home tonight and switched on, played on the Xbox for about 30mins and noticed 4 or 5 vertical green lines which are brightest when the screen is dark, it was bad enough for the girlfriend to notice when she put Hollyoaks on. The lines where there from all sources, so must have been the panel.

They seem to have gone now, but having done a search on the forum, theres been problems with PX70's. Has this been a common problem with the PX80's?

Any helps appreciated


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You are right about the fact that the vertical green line has been witnessed on the PX70. I dont think i have seen anyone with PX80 complaining about this earlier in AVForums. I have had my PX80 for more than 6 months, no similar issues so far.

Its good that it has disappeared. How did it vanish? Was it a bad connector or lose connection. Hope that the problem does not reappear on your PX80.


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They just seemed to fade away after about 30 minutes! Like I said before it must have been the panel as the lines where there on hdmi1, 2 & 3 and through the in-built freeview.

If the problem comes back i'll get a photo and ring the Richer Sounds I got it from to see what they'll do!

Has no one else had this problem with a PX80??

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