Panasonic TH37PX80 Mounting Bracket Suggestion



Hi all,

I want to get a TH37PX80, but it's going to be mounted along a wall which is basically a walk through in the lounge.

Ideally I want it to be flush with the wall - in so far as possible. I was thinking of something like this:

But I went into Richer Sounds and was advised that I needed something like:

Because the way the wires come out of the back they need the space....

If that is the case I've got to revise my TV selection all which case suggestions on that front?




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We have a couple which will fit your Screen;

1. This one on e-bay which is just 20mm thick.

2. This one on our main site; which is 32mm thick.

The main difference between the two is the weight loading which isn't actually an issue for your TV as it falls well within both.

If you find you have problems fitting the cables then our G-Fit Guarantee will entitle you to a free adapter kit or modified fixing kit to suit your needs. Most TV's are much of a muchness as far as getting the cables out, the slimmer the TV the more the cables stick out so either way you end up with the same depth.

Hope this helps.


Spectrum Brackets

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Hi,We have the FB1000 which will give a slim fit 30mm wall to back of screen we also supply spacers to give the extra clearence needed for cables.
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