Panasonic TH37PX60B quick question


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My friend has just bought one of these and had it less than a week, then at the weekend one of his kids dented the front grille to the speaker( liitle git, his words not mine).
Now some people wouldn't be bothered, its a small cosmetic damage but its driving him mad. He phoned a local panasonic dealer who, on top of the initial £75 call charge, stated that the whole front fascia to the plasma would need to be replaced at great cost.
He then phoned the panasonic customer services who didn't have a clue(what a surprise) then gave the sage advice to lie and say the dent was there when delivered from new.
My friend who is stupidly honest wont do that.
My questions are:-
1) Does the whole front fascia need replacing or can the grille just be replaced?
2) Is the local dealer ripping him off with the initial call out charge of £75 or is that down to the individual dealer what they charge?
3) If the whole front facsia does need replacing could he do it himself?
Any advice/help would be most welcome
Cheers Lordbilly

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