Panasonic TH37PV500 plasma - Widescreen on Sky setting

Rose Taylor

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Have just purchased a Panny 500. Fantastic! However cannot get it to display WIDE and hence display a widescreen format for widescreen films on Sky. When I play widescreen DVDs (on my Panasonic ES30VEB), WIDE is displayed and the format is correct.

Have I got my basic cable connections correct ? The operating instructions say that my sat receiver should connect to AV1 and the DVD to AV4. I've done this and I am using SCART cables.

Can anybody help please ?




I had this prob with my 42PV500 a few weeks ago!

What i found was that my sky+ box was not outputing RGB or aspect ratio switching.
If i fiddled about with the scart lead it would then switch between RGB and composite and Wide and 4:3
I got onto sky and had a replacement


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First of all try replacing the Scart lead with the one from the DVD player as there is a chance the one you have if its a cheapo one is not a fully wired one or faulty. Or even better just unplug from DVD player end and try that. I trust you have been into the SKY box settings in services, picture settings and set box to RGB and 16:9. Check this first.

It does not matter what Scart socket you connect to on the 500 as long as it one of the ones listed as RGB compatable in the manual.

You can always overide the set by pushing the Aspect button at the top of the PAnny remote. Not a solution really but sometimes this needs doing when watching via component.


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I always use the '16:9' setting before the default 'wide' or 'Panasonic Auto' setting on my 42V500.
That way it's 'fixed' and it won't try and fill the screen and remove all small black borders, which can make some WS DVDs look slightly stretched and distorted.


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I have the 42pv500. I use the 4:3 setting on all inputs, and it auto switches to widescreen when needed, works fantastic.

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