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Panasonic TH32LXD1 I/O connections

Discussion in 'Panasonic TVs Forum' started by Jaser, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. Jaser


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    I know this may have been asked elsewhere, but I have had no luck finding it.

    Yes a newbie and have had a basic-ish set up over the last few years and am relatively happy with it.

    Sony DVD player
    Harman Kardon Amp (about 7 years old now)
    Sharp video player
    Panasonic LCD 32LXD1
    Pace box for ntl

    Currently the picture is ok via cable, but the signal goes through the video before coming back to the TV. DVD is from abroad, so linked by S-video to SCART lead to TV. Audios all sorted.

    On playback of DVDs the quality is pretty good I have to say, but it is the cable TV that's a little hazy.

    I was wondering two things:

    1) Would connecting the DVD player to the RCA inputs give me a better picture on DVD (although as I said quality ain't that bad)
    2) There is an unused SCART socket out of the cable box which should be linked to the TV. Would there be any benefit of connecting this via a SCART lead to improve cable picture or should I just keep it as it is?

    Any help/comments would be appreciated.


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