Panasonic TH-65HZ1000H Soundbar Problem


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I just bought a Samsung HW-Q950A Soundbar which supports eARC and connected it to my Panasonic TH-65HZ1000H using their eARC HDMI ports. The HDMI cable came with the soundbar. My Panasonic TV had eARC turned on. The soundbar was also setup according to manuals properly and set to D.IN/eARC mode. Both devices have the latest firmware installed.

I powered on the soundbar and then my Panasonic TV. I heard that both the TV and the soundbar were emitting sound. I checked the Speaker Selection of the TV and saw that it's still "TV". I tried to set it to "Home Theatre" but it was unsuccessful, and a message told me to check my HDMI cable and device settings instead. I opened the VIERA app and saw "TV" too. I tried to set it as "Home Theatre" and the result was the same - it was also unsuccessful with the same message. I finally selected "off" in the TV speaker setting to mute my TV so that I only hear the soundbar's output.

Later I powered off my TV (but the soundbar failed to be powered off accordingly by eARC) and powered the TV up again, and the biggest problem appeared. No sound could be sent to the soundbar, so everything was silent. I tested my TV and soundbar repeatedly, and I started to figure out that when the TV was restarted it stopped sending sound to the soundbar. In order to get the soundbar to sound again, I either need to unplug the soundbar's power and plug it again, or simply turned the TV's eARC setting off and then on again. Failure in choosing "Home Theatre" continues to exist, but at least I can get the soundbar to work in some way.

Looks like I have to "stimulate" the TV to make it recognize the soundbar again every time it was restarted. Any thoughts?


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Probably not the issue but have you been able to try a different hdmi cable, fully supporting high bandwidth / 4k etc? Just in case there is an issue with the cable?
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