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Panasonic TH-50PZ70B HMDI Nightmare!! Help Please



Hi, new here so please be patient if I have posted in the wrong thread!

I urgently need some help re HDMI connections. My set up is:

Panasonic TH-50PZ70B Plasma Tv
Panasonic DMR-EX77EB DVD/HDD recorder
Panasonic SC-PT850 DVD Home Theatre
Virgin Media Cable TV Box
Windows Media Centre PC (connected via VGA)

My problem is of course that there are only 2 HDMI connections on the TH-50PZ70B and I need 3.

Ideally I would like for the DVD/HDD recorder to share an HDMI input with the XBox360. However, I have tried umpteen variations using both a Vivo 3way HDMI switch and a 2 way automatic HDMI switch with absolutely no result! Yes, no result at all! The TV displays nothing when any of my components are connected through the switches, but all work fine when connected directly to the TV.

Hence it would appear that the switches are doing something to the HDMI signals that the TV doesnt like.

Is there something weird about Panasonic HDMI connections on this TV that means you can not use conventional switches?

Am I doing something completely stupid and not making a selection in the menus somewhere?

The panasonic manual and website offer very little in the way of advice on HDMI switching.

I have read in other places that the OPPO HM-31 3 way HDMI switch is one of the most advanced available but at almost £70 a pop I recticent to rush of and buy one without knowing there is a fair chance it will work with my TV! Does anyone have any experience with this switch or can you recommend a switch that will works with this TV?

Your help would be much appreciated, as it is fast getting to the state where I wont be able to get into the TV room without climbing over the heaps of useless HDMI switching devices !!!

Thanks in anticipation, Phill


Established Member
I had the same issue with my pz70, sky HD and HDMI dvd players.

It seemed to me to be an HDMI compatibility issue - I replaced my old HDMI switch with an oppo switch and everything worked = as son as I plugged it all in.

Hope that helps.



Thanks Paul, does the switch work OK in automatic mode? ie: if you switch of one device it automatically switches to the next one that is switched on?

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