panasonic th-50px600u plasma 10 blinks wont turn on


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I have a 50 inch panasonic plasma tv that is giving the 10 blink code for an error with the PA or H Board. I removed all the boards and inspected them and all i found was HDMI port 1 burnt but shouldnt affect it especially since it is on a different board. I also noted that the 3 large 220V 900uF capacitors on the cold side of the P board are slightly domed. however I have read some posts of this being normal in large capacitors. I saw nothing else suspicious so i put all the boards back on.

I also noted from another post to disconnect P5 on the power board (P) and check for 15V DC so i plugged it in and all i am reading is 0.002V. the post also mentioned to check the voltage to the H board which should be 14V DC but i have not got that far yet.

When plugged in the power supply board clicks twice followed by a 2-3 second pause and clicks once more and then the red LED starts blinking its error code and wont turn on.

Im assuming this must be a power supply board issue but i really hope it is not those 3 capacitors seeing as they are very hard to find and $50 a piece!

I have schematics and a multimeter and basic understanding of circuits. so at least your not dealing with a complete novice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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No ideas? I'm stuck between the power board (p) and the logic board (pa) typically the tv's I have worked on before (LCD) would go into standby with a solid red light and when pressing the power button the problem occurs. But this tv indicates a problem when plugged in I don't even have to hit the power button. I have never worked on a plasma tv before and I would love to fix this one and have it in my living room. Is there a standby sub board? Or is the PA logic board responsible for that? I really just want to narrow it down to the faulty board and hopefully the faulty part on the board if possible. I am kind of in a rush seeing as this tv takes up my entire workbench and I have nowhere else to put it.

Are you able to post a photo of the large capacitors ?




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I could attach pictures later I am using the app for the forum right now and it gives me a parse error every time I attempt to attach a picture. But the 3 capacitors I questioned at first are 900uF 220V and all 3 are slightly convex at the tops while all the others are perfectly flat. It is not very noticeable unless looked at from an angle and feeling the top. From what I hear it is very unlikely for a panasonic tv to have capacitor issues.

Also I attempted to jump the thermal fuse in the conductor coil since it was reading open. But the tv still blinks 10 as soon as it is plugged in.


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I followed the flowchart for 10 blinks on plug-in numerous times and everytime it ends at replace power board. i replaced the power board and it still does the same exact thing. im not getting any voltages leaving the power board unless im a complete idiot and dont know the correct way to check it but common sense told me to touch one probe to the pin that supposed to give a votlage and the other connect to the ground. and everytime i get no reading. clearly its not the power board but im lost as to what it could be.


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ok, so heres some numbers i just got.
after reading through a different panasonic manual i found this:

If the SUB 5V,
3.3V is missing
on the DG Board,
the unit goes into
The power LED
blinks ten times.
The voltages are
monitored on the
DG board by the
MPU, IC1103.

So to test these voltages there is test points on the PA board for each.

while plugged in and blinking the error code all 3 had no voltage but with the test points connected and unpluggign and plugging the tv back in the Main got up to 1.5V before the tv went into shutdown and the other two got up to 2.5 before shutdown. not sure if its just my digital meter too slow to read the full voltage before it shutdown. When unplugged i tested resistance with the ground to see if anything was shorted. the Main 3.3 has a solid connection to ground and the other two connect for a fraction of a second and then read open.

Im no expert but im pretty sure the +Main 3.3 shouldnt be grounded out. could it be the PA board has a short which is dumping the power to ground and tripping the error?


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This has to be a simple answer for someone who has any background in circuit boards.

here is a link to the pdf for the service manual. the PA board schematic is around pg. 82.

You have to wait briefly for the download link under the picture.

All i need to know is if the main 3.3V test point being connected to ground is normal (Perhaps a switch?) or if this a short and the cause of my problem.

I need to know ASAP there is a good deal on this board right now and i dont want to miss it i already invested far too much.


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with the astounding amount of help(i say that sarcastically) i finally found the problem. The PA board did in fact have a shorted Main 3.3V which put the tv into shutdown. i swapped the PA board today and im one step closer. that solved my 10 blinks but sadly now i have 11 blinks for a fan SOS and i found 2 of the 3 fans to be defective so now i need to swap those out and hopefully then see a lit up screen. but as for the 10 blink problem it was the PA board so anyone with the same problem stumbling upon this looking for answers check the test points on the PA board labeled TPM33V, TPS5V, TPS9V for a connection to the ground. one probe to the test point the other to the chassis or grounding pad where the mounting screws go. a connection to ground = bad board.

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