Panasonic TH-50PHW5 has blown up!


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Only had it two weeks, when I put it into standby mode this morning the light on the screen went out rather than going red.

Tried to power up this afternoon, and nothing. Replaced the fuse in the plug with another 5amp one, and the light went green for one second then off. Wouldn't go green again when turning on/off. Tried second fuse, same result. Tried 13amp fuse, same result.

I recon power-supply is dead.

Called my dealer today (Sunday) to leave message, and they answered and said they would ship me a new one tomorrow, or I could arrange a visit from Panasonic engineer to replace PS.

New one shipping to me tomorrow then!

This internet dealer has done nothing but impress me, and their customer service is almost on a par with Arcam.


StooMonster (happy with dealer, but sad that Panny plasma's powersupply is dead)


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Hi StooMonster,

Seeing as how I intend to purchase a TH50PHW5B myself in the near future I'd very much appreciate knowing who your dealer is?

I'd also like to hear how you get on?

(I bet your well happy,.....NOT!)

Best Regards,


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Dealer is the link in the message above, good prices and service, and next day delivery. Call them up and ask to speak to Ken (their plasma expert).

Here it is again anyway: Ivojo Multimedia

I have been extremely pleased with this screen, I also bought it with tuner box. Although I haven't tuned anything on it, I just use it as a video processor; and it gives me an extra connector as I can unplug the tuner from the plasma and use the VGA for my PC.

Picture is superb, and I also bought an Arcam FMJ DV27 DVD Player (latest Lt75 mech model, with new chipsets) and the PAL progressive picture is amazing on this screen. Even when viewed close up, the picture looks hi-res.

Prog-scan DVD is must with this plasma, the screen's on-board prog-scan is pretty good; but when you put a decent source in and let the screen just do the scaling it is awesome.

Enough superlatives already, but PC picture (via VGA) once "snapped in" is pin sharp and impressive.

Only downside with a screen this big, is you can see how much artifacting there is Sky's 2Mb video streams (1.5Mb on channels with "interactive"). But if you view at the right distance from the screen it's not bad.

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