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Panasonic TH-46PZ81B Possible Tv fault ?


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Hi all,

I have a Panasonic TH-46PZ81B and i think it may be starting to develop a fault - Could people have a look at the following and give their opinion.

Firstly - the TV is connected to my Onkyo 576 amp by HDMI cable and that in turn is connected by hdmi to a Sky HD box, HTPC and PS3.

I first noticed a problem a few weeks back when i turned on my HTPC and the tv screen kept flashing between the display and a black screen whilst in the top left of the TV the text was alternating between 1080 and Wide - Eventually the screen setled on the Freeview channel - I switched everything off and on again and it did the same thing except settled on the HTPC display and it had intermittent flashing lines going up the left side of the screen and occasionally flashing in other areas of teh screen.

I switched of and on again and all was fine with no problems so i put it down to the hdmi cable poss being on its way out

Anyway - had the problem a couple of other times and other times its been fine - Tonigt i switched on the PS3 and had EXACTLY the same problems described above.

So probably not a hdmi cable prob and either the amp or the tv

Never had this problem when watcing tv via sky hd box either

So - what do people make of it ? TV on its way out or maybe the amp ?

Thanks in advance, Dave


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It sounds like a handshake problem between the TV & Onkyo; connect sky direct to your TV & see what happens, I suspect it will be fine which will point to some problem between the Firmware of the Onkyo & TV. Check with Onkyo to see if it is a known problem or if a FW is available.

If the problem persists when you connect to the TV the most likely cause is a faulty HDMI board.

You can try alternative HDMI cables but it is very unusual for these to go faulty as such. :)


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Thanks for the reply.

Sky isnt the problem though ( at the moment) - that works fine , its ps3 and htpc that a the prob - incidentaly it "clicked" earlier that ithink ionly had the problems when the output of the either unit was 1080p - dunno if thats relevant ?

Was gonna say if it was a handshake issue between onkyo amp and TV then i would have the same prob with the sky HD as well as that goes through the amp - BUT - if the issue is 1080p related then that may be why the sky is fine.

I shall go and have a search on the onkyo forums and tinternet to see if firmware upgrades brings anything up.

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