Panasonic TH-42PX70B and Standard Sky Connectivity Issue



Hi there all !

Looking for some of your expert help please....:lease:

(Also posted on Plasma forum but no response :mad:)

A couple of years back I recommended the Panasonic TH-42PX70B to a small social club I am involved with to display premiership football, rugby etc from a standard sky box (See here for picture

Got the Plasma from Amazon etc and all installed no problems.

It was only just recently that I realised the Sky 'engineers' seemed to have used only the RF output from the Sky decoder for connectivity to the Panasonic display.

My immediate thought was that the picture quality (that was pretty poor via RF) could be dramatically improved using full RGB scart from the sky decoder.

Bought a Fisual Pearl fully-wired scart lead (5m length) and connected to the display also changing the Sky decoders scart output to RGB mode from composite.

The RGB mode was confirmed by the Panasonic display showing Scart-RGB on AV1.

Here comes my question.
Why is the RF picture vs Scart RGB picture showing very little difference in picture quality?

Has anyone had the same issue (perhaps using another plasma display) and found a work around.

This TV got fantastic reviews when it was first released but HDTVtest did mention that the internal descaling and interlacing had been comprimised in order to keep costs lower.

Is the Sky standard decoder receiving a poor signal?
Is the TH-42PX70B incapable of displaying standard def signals via RGB scart?

Should I be looking at buying an RGB scart -> HDMI converter so that the Plasma display will be displaying 720p via HDMI or is it the view that you start with crap, you end up with up-scaled crap?

So sorry to go on, but this is really bugging me now.

Any help you can give would be very very much appreciated :mad:


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Are you definitely connected to the TV Scart socket on the Sky box?...that is the only one which outputs RGB...some makes of Sky STBs have it on the top...some on the bottom.
You should be able to see a change in the picture when you use the right/left arrow buttons on the remote and toggle between RGB and PAL...with RGB giving a slightly darker but sharper image.

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