Panasonic TH-42PWD6 - please help



Im non-technical indivdual.

I'd like to purchase the Panasonic TH-42PWD6 from nexis perhaps.

1. How many scart sockets inputs does it come with?
2. Does it come with inbuilt speakers? If so, how good are they.

Thanks all.


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1. No, it doesn't come with a scart board. It comes witha special video board which has connections like composite/Svideo/component. If you want scart you will need to purchase a scart terminal board.

2. No speakers are generally not included. YOu can sometime pick these up on ebay or buy them from nexnix with the display.

Probs best to have a search around the forum as there is lots of info to hand...also, give nexnix a ring and they should be able to answer most of your questions...



The scart board is one of the ones you can choose free of charge with this package. So you could plug it in that way.

Alternatively your sky box may well have svideo and your dvd player should have it as well potentially as component. You could use either of these with the other card available.

What do you intend to use for sound? If you dont have a system already, it might be easier to go for the consumer model panasonic (£2800 at richersounds) which has things like tuner and video cards built in as well as speakers.

all the best



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find out what your sources support:

try and avoid s-vid & composite as these are the worst.

go for connection via component for the DVD player (if supported)
and RGB scart for your freeview box.

if you post what equipment you have then it's easier for someone to advise on optimum connectivity...

the screen doesn't come with any boards these need to be purchased seperately (though some retaliers bundle some of the boards)

Also the screen does come with a vga connection which will support PC based signal and component signals.

there are many options available on connectivity all depends on what you think is resonable for the price, so also budget for these extras..

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