Panasonic TH-42PWD4 & PS2 ?


Glenn Keen

So after owning my Panasonic TH-42PWD4 for a few months I'm realy happy with it, and getting a little less concerned about screen burn (still hate that little red dot on sky though!).

The question I have is that I may end up having a PS2 in my house this christmas and was thinking of using it on my Panny but am a little scared that I could damage it with static score box's etc on the PS2 games.

Is anyone running a PS2 on a Panasonic TH-42PWD4? If so is there anything I need to be aware of?

Many thanks for nay answers.

mark raeburn

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I have the 5 series panny and am runnning both my ps2 and gamecube through it. Most of the games that I tend to play (grand theft auto, metal gear solid etc) tend to have cut sequences where the score does not appear so this usually gives me comfort that there won't be any screen burn in. Just look at it like this - if you were to watch a DVD at 2.35:1 ratio then you will have constant black borders for probably 2 hours, therefore you should be fine with a constant logo/score on a game. I would say that as long as you don't play the games with a score on permanently for hours and hours, you should be fine. If you are worried pause the game for a few minutes and switch to a completely moving image (eg TV) which will clean the screen. Finally I have set my panny screensaver to come on for 15mins in the early hours of the morning to ensure that the screen is cleaned, and to avoid the risk of screen burn in.

The thing that I would be most worried about is kids playing with the ps2, as they can play constantly for practically a whole day - just drill it into them that they cannot play for longer than a few hours then they have to watch a few mins of TV before going back to their game.


I have this plasma and have had my ps2 connected via s-video for nearly a year now and as long as you dont do anything stupid like pause a game and leave it paused with plasma on for several hours your ok.
Youll find some games have a slightly different ratio, so always adjust the games picture to fill the whole screen and it will work spot on.


Glenn Keen

Thanks for that info,

I am looking forward to seeing a PS2 on my Panny and wired through my Denon amp! Should rock!:)


Originally posted by mark raeburn
Finally I have set my panny screensaver to come on for 15mins in the early hours of the morning to ensure that the screen is cleaned, and to avoid the risk of screen burn in.
I'm still waiting for the pleasure of plugging my plasma in (the room's not finished yet), so this screen saver thing is puzzling me. Are you saying that simply turning off the plasma is not sufficient to protect it?

mark raeburn

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No I don't think that it is, from what I have read you need to clean the image after having static images on for a period of time (ie. sky logo, balck borders on 2.35:1 film etc) you could do this by leaving the screen on with a source that has a completely moving image for say, 15 mins after you have finished watching your programme/film with the static image. However I believe the best way to "clean" the screen is to use the screensaver. The fact that you can time the plasma and the screensaver to come on and off means that you can set this up and forget about it.

Jon Weaver

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Be advised that you can only do the 'timed' screensavers on the Comercial (Grey) model..

The consumer (Silver) one does not have this feature!!!

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