Panasonic TH-42PW6B dead pixels


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what is the score with panasonic over dead pixels please guys? I have just bought one of these are I have a dead pixel about 15 cm in from the left and 8cm from the top, the surrounding pixels are dull so it actually looks like a 2mm square dead patch on the screen , very very very annoying


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I'd get in contact with the supplier, if it was sold to a corporation to show power point presentations I doubt they would care, but I wouldn't put up with it.


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May i ask where you bought this from ??
Panasonic policy is up to five dead pixels is 'within spec'. apparently!!
Also, is it stuck on a colour or dead ??



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from av-sales, i have no problem with them, they have been nothing short of superb. i am just not happy having spent 2,500 on a tv i am faced with a permanently purple/dark blue pixel arouna third of the way across and 1/4 of the way down the screen. i know it is within tolerance of panasonic but frankly it is not within mine, no matter how hard i try , so far i can't help but see it

what to do?


If talking nicely to them doesn't work then you can always threaten a return under the Distance Selling Regulations (if they apply to you).


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av-sales were superb, panasonic agreed a swap out and now i have a 100" pixl perfect panel... very happy indeed.
good service and excellent after sales support all round. can't recommend them enough.....


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tired teddy, inches... percentages ,, pah!

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