Panasonic TH-42PV500 horizontal lines - solution!?



First of all I must appologise for my English - it's not my first language.

I have a TH-42PV500 plasma since october 2005.
For the first 2 months I put it on the pedestral on one side of the livingroom.
After that I decided to put the plasma on the wall.
When all the setings were finised and I pluged it to the electricity I realized in 50% of the time some horizontal lines on the panel.
So I called the cable guy. He measured the signal and decided that everything was ok.

After that I called the Panasonic local services and explained all the situation. The next day the guy from Panasonic came and we took off the tv from the wall and for the moment the problem was gone. The answer was that the plasma is ok, maybe there are some problems with the electricity.

The guy left and in the evening I tryed to put the plasma back on the wall but the horizontal lines were back.

I called an electrician to see what could have caused the problem. He said everything was ok.

After that I changed all the cables from the plasma and surprise when I put the tv down (on one side of the room) everything was ok and when I put it on the wall the problem was back.

And the tricky answer.

When I put the plasma down I plugged it into the plug from the left wall.
When I put the plasma on the wall I plugged it into the plug from the right wall.

The left plug (the good one) didn't have a "earth plate" and the one from the right wall had a "earth plate".
I disconnected the "earth plate" from the plug on the right wall and the image is OK.

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