Panasonic TH-42PA20 VHS performance




I recently purchased a Panasonic TH-42PA20 plasma screen and am more than please with its performance - for NTL cable and DVD watching it is superb !

Despite setting up the cabling input as per the Panasonic instructions, I find that the display of the VHS signal from my Sony video recorder ( via a good quality SCART connection ) is extremely poor. I can improve the picture very slightly by Fine Tuning the picture, but this tends to be at the expense of losing the colour display :-(

I might also add that I haven't yet used any of the ( 3 large and 5 small ) ferrite cores which Panasonic supplied with the TV as I don't have a clue where to fit them - the TV's mains lead already has factory fitted cores on it and they obviously don't fit cables such as SCART leads or component video leads. Could this be part of my problem with the signal from my VHS ?

Any ideas would be much appreciated ?



I don't think you need bother with the ferrites as these are included in order for the product to meet Electromagnetic Compatibility Emissions requirements. Very rarely will they have an impact on picture quality. I certainly have not put them on any of my cables

The poor quality form the VHS may be the fact that you only have composite output from the VHS. Or if S-video or RGB is available you have not enabled it on the TV (pressing the RED GREEN YELLOW and BLUE button rotates through the modes). Note also RGB is available on AV1 and AV4 only.

Also, the low resolution form VHS is a factor on a big screen.
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