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Panasonic TH-42 PW6 / set up advice

Discussion in 'Panasonic TVs Forum' started by hit46, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. hit46


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    Grateful for advice on impending purchase (all online so no dealer support !):

    Panasonic 42" plasma TH-42 PW6
    Panasonic home cinema SCHT900 (SCHT870 ?)
    Sky box (e.g. Panasonic !)

    How to get a decent set up to connect it all up.

    42" plasma has a wide range of boards (which type is best to use ?)
    Home Cinema has one SCART terminal + the usual inputs/outputs
    Sky box will probably have two scart terminals

    ? Which are the best boards / connections / leads to use and should I connect sky-home cinema-plasma or home cinema-sky-plasma or doesn't it matter.

    Also would like to hook up my PS2 if possible....
  2. SNICK

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    Feb 4, 2001
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    Surprised your dealer hasn't offered you any connection advice whatsoever?

    Anyhow - you have many options to consider - firstly the VGA input on your panny - if your DVD system has component outputs, consider getting a lektropak cable 3 RCa > 15 din for about 30 quid. Or get a RGB>VGA convertor (JS Tech do some good'ens) really improves pic quality. Again you could connect your freeview box this way.
    Alternatively go down the terminal board route - either scart (which has been panned in this forum) or component.

    As for cables - well if you've spent a few grand, seems daft getting cheap interconnects. Also worth considering getting a better mains cable - checkout Russ Andrews website.

    happy spending!

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