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Panasonic th-37px80 Cracking Noises


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I have now had my th-37px80ba for about 8 months and it has been playing up for a while now. The tv usually makes a low click noise at 2 set times in the day which is when im guessing it turns itself on to look for software/freeview upgrades. This noise isnt too bad and I have gotten quite used to it. However when I have the tv on regardless of the input every now and then it makes a loud cracking noise out the back. It almost sounds like a electrical fault like a loud clunk sound and easily loud enough to be heard over the tv's volume.

The tv is still under warranty and I have a extended guarantee but sods law it wont replicate the fault if a engineer turns up to fix it. Anyone else have a simular issue? or is my tv preparing to explode? :rolleyes:
The clicking noise is normal. When I had the 42PX80B it did but not regularly by any means. Nothing to do with freeview updates.

It should sound like someone flicking the ends of their nails together.

With CRTs I have heard cracking noises, like a loud snap. I always assumed it was the plastic casing expanding and contracting. It can be suprising if you hear it out of the blue but nothing to worry about. That could be what you are hearing.

However you might want to get someone out to look at it just in case.
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I have two plasmas that both do this,i think its as they are warming up.;)

Jim Di Griz

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Hmmm the only proper crackling noises ive heard were on old CRT sets.

The G10 does make a noise about a minute or two after putting it on standby. This is totally normal and to do with powering down (I think). My old PX60 did it as well I think. Someone explained exactly why it does this a while ago, cant remember the details though!


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i had/have similar 'clicking' noises on my 8 month old PX80,occurring at random times almost daily when TV is in standby.i contacted Panasonic and their comment in reply was:-

'In response, I would explain that during normal use, you may hear an intermittent clicking noise. This is not a fault, but is the sound of the plastic casing expanding and contracting as it heats up and cools down. This is due to the heat emitted by the normal operation of the unit.

it continued by saying i should contact local service engineers if i was still concerned.i have not done so as yet but,if it continues i may just do so.


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Way back in 2007 I bought a Panasonic TX-32LXD700 TV afre asking for advice of this forums members. I also did a thorough market research and chose a set that could give me a really good HD picture eventually when I wanted to go HD. At that time there was more than one thread dealling with the problem of clicks etc. (try a forum search on Panasonic clicks). At the time my set started clicking/ticking and I was sure it was a relay dithering and I said so. I was prepared to live with it as my picture was absolutely superb and I am very fussy. Recently, after 2 years of use the stand-by relay will not work. This is temperamental but if I switch off at the mains switch and back on again it sometimes recovers. It may not be a faulty relay but something in the stand-by/mains circuitry, but I suggest you arrange a swap-out with your retailer as soon as you can in case, like me, you inherit a bill for repairs or cover yourself with insurance. I wish I had persued this as it was clearly waiting for the guarantee to expire!:)

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