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Panasonic TH-37PW5 colour problem


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Desperate for help.

I've recently moved to the Netherlands and brought my trusty Plasma screen with me. It was working fine for the first couple of months but now the green seems to have disappeared from the picture meaning the red and blue colours are overbearing. I connect using a TUPT600 tuner box. The display is OK because when I connect the PC to the display the picture is fine. Initially I thought the problem was the Tuner terminal board but I bought a new one and the picture was still wrong. I have also bought a new cable and this hasn't made a difference. I can only guess that the problem is either the tuner box or inside the Display.

Has anyone got a clue what the problem is and how I can fix it? I've tried taking it to 2 TV repair shops over here but the don't seem to want to help.

Any help would be appreciated. :lease:


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So you tried connecting the PC directly to the panel and that's fine. Sounds to me like it's the Tuner box or something related to it. Do you connect DVD to the panel direct? If you have not tried then it's probably a good idea to do so but it will mean your likely to require a Component to VGA cable i.e. take it in via the PC connection on the panel if you don't have a component card.

Also, I've heard that these Tuner boxes are awful and do not do the panel any justice even when they run well. Apparently they are useless as a Tuner and are not the best option as a switching hub. Most advice I've seen on the forums is to get rid of it. Either run everything via an AV Amp and do the swithing that way or have additional input boards.....frankly the AV Amp is the best route. Use an external tuner (Satellite or cable or whatever passes for freeview in NL) and route it through the Amp and then go to the screen.

Sorry if this is all teaching you to suck eggs. just some thoughts.

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