Panasonic TH-37PE30B

Discussion in 'Panasonic TVs Forum' started by Phoenix, Aug 29, 2004.

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    A couple of weeks ago I bought one of the above.

    I was very pleased with it until last Wednesday when the sound went off. All that comes out of the set's speakers is a high pitched whistle. The sound still comes through my Home Theatre system though.

    After a day trying to get through to Panasonic, without success, I contacted the retailer who had a word with Panasonic. Panasonic's response was that there was nothing wrong with the set and that they wouldn't send anyone out to check it over! At the retailers suggestions I disconnected the scarts etc... and tried the tv without the Sky box and Home Theatre, still nothing.

    It seems odd that the sound was working on Wednesday morning but not in the evening. Does anyone have an idea as to what the cause would be ?


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