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Panasonic Terminal Boards - So many?

Discussion in 'Panasonic TVs Forum' started by OptimumDesign, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. OptimumDesign


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    Hello there,

    I have a Panasonic TH42PW7 and got it with their TUPT600 Tuner box.

    I am really pleased with the screen especially contrast and black levels. However, I cannot uses PIP etc because of the Tuner box, the card for this takes 2 of the 3 available slots).

    I have the following connected to the screen:

    Panasonic DVD S35 via component

    Shuttle SN95 Athlon 64 with Radeon 9700 pro capable of DVI output, but using RGB.

    Yamaha HTR5550 AV reciever and digibox, playstation xbox etc.

    I was thinking of getting rid of the TUPT600 and installing DVI, component and composite/s-video boards and doing the swithching in my AV reciever and tuning to TV on my digibox.

    Then.... I swa all these terminal boards on Panasonics website.....


    And have seen:

    Wireless Board (Compatible with 7 series plasma only)

    Slot in Streaming Box - Receiver, MPEG Decoder/HDD

    CAT 5 Twisted Pair Slot In Receiver

    30 GB Slot in PC - ULV Pentium M 900Mkhz - Windows XP Embedded (42, 50 and 65 inc

    Does anyone know what they do and if the Streaming box and wireless board are good.

    Basically, I could set up a home personal Video server and do everything through that.

    I was all ready to get it together until panasonic started battering me with all their god dam accessories.

    Any help, suggestions or discussions greatly appreciated.

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