Panasonic TD50-DX750B Streaming Issue, Advise Needed Please


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I have had a Panasonic TD50-DX750B for over five years and connected to a TalkTalk router ( Ethernet Cable ) and BT Modem for the last 18 months. A few days ago the TV lost its connection to the internet and after reseting the TV and router still could not find a connection, wireless or wired. Now here is the thing the diagnostic display on the TV showed a connection to the router but not the internet. As every other device was connecting OK started using my Panasonic 4K UHD player to stream Netflix and Amazon while I mulled over the problem. On Wednesday had a sort of eureka moment and reset the BT Modem and hey presto the TV connected OK, but last night while watching Netflix the screen froze and I had to reset the BT Modem again!. My question is do you think it's the TV or Modem at fault?, just strange that every other device seems to be connecting OK. If I can narrow it down to the TV then probably get it repaired under its 6 year warranty but need to be 100% positive it is the TV at fault. Thanks.

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