Panasonic TC-P46G10 - What does "Tune Manually" mean in the Signal Meter's "Check Strength" setup?


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I have an old but very reliable Panasonic 46" TC-P46G10 1080p Plasma HDTV. Ten minutes before the US football's "Super Bowl" this weekend, I realized that the local Fox TV station was not on that TV. Btw, I use one of those ~$35 Amazon branded interior flat panel over-the-air antenna's with electric boost. It's tacked up on the wall and works very well at my location. So I run the TV's Auto Program routine and (for better or for worse) the Fox station is now available and my guests can watch the game.

When I ran the Auto Program routine, I noticed the option for "Signal Meter" in the menu. The game was about to begin and Fox 29 was working, I was interested in Signal Meter but didn't mess with it. Today I go back into that menu, select, Signal Meter, select Fox 29, and I notice there's a "Tune Manually" bar/button that I can click on under the Channel selection bar/button. Under both of those bar/buttons we see a Signal Strength bar/meter (at ~96) and under that a Current % (~92) and under that a Peak Level % (at 100).

When I click the Tune Manually bar/button, nothing seems to happen. Does anyone know exactly what that Tune Manually bar/button is supposed to do? Am I missing something else here? Thanks for your help understanding this.

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