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Panasonic TC-15LT1

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by leobley, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. leobley


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    This LCD works fine with an NTSC signal coming into it's antenna input.

    I'm trying to get it to work with with PAL sources (Sky+ modulated output or direct video output from a Humax freeview receiver) fed into the LCD's video input (composite / s-video).

    To start of simply, I tried connecting freeview receivers (Humax 8000T and a simple box) via the composite / SCART-composite output to the composite / s-video input on the LCD. The resulting image shows a channel banner, for instance, with 5 to 6 copies shifted up the screen, and the audio is choppy.

    Can someone provide a technical description of what I'm experiencing (e.g., jutter, incompatible vertical refersh rate, ???).

    Even better, does someone know a workaround or if the Panasonic TC-15LT1 LCD is inherently incompatible with PAL-originated sources?

    Thanks... Leo

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