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Panasonic ST60 lip sync problems?


Active Member
This TX-P50ST60 is my third Panasonic plasma having bought it in january(?). I'm very happy with the image quality. However, I seem to be getting lip sync problems with different sources. AppleTV3's Netflix app to HDMI gives me intolerable lip sync problems. The TV's internal Netflix app is much better. Blu-ray is way off too. Since I have currently no AV receiver but just a stereo amp (NAD C320BEE, HDMI to the plasma, 2 x RCA to the amp), there's no way to apply audio delay there. But there's a delay setting in the BD player (Philips BDP9600/12) and it does help some. But still not perfect. It seems that even the maximum 200 ms isn't quite enough. Bummer.

Sometimes even the internal programs from DVB-C are a bit off.

Does anybody else have issues iike this? Any idea what to do (except get an AV receiver and apply further delay)? BTW, do the current AVRs usually provide delays bigger than 200 ms?

I noticed that Panasonic has released a firmware update in March for the equivalent US model and allegedly it should do something to correct lip sync problems. Any idea if and when a similar update can be expected in Europe/UK?
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Novice Member
I have the same issue although it is mostly not a problem for me as I have an AV receiver and a delay of 90ms has fixed it for almost everything. Although I do still notice slight sync problems watching some files through the USB ports and no amount of playing around with the delay (upto a max of 100ms) will get it exactly right.

Jerry Langford

Standard Member
I have been having issues with lip sync but it's not very often and pretty random. I only have the TV set up to my SKY HD box and blu ray via HDMI. Tried watching Dr No the other night on ITV 2 but the lip sync was to bad, on all other tv channels it was fine.

I have installed the latest firmware but it has had no effect at all.


Active Member
I have a problem with lip sync but only on Netflix when audio is set to (auto) Dolby Digital. With this audio the lip sync option on my amplifier is unavailable so I have to switch the TV to output in PCM stereo. Fortunately the DD from Netflix is usually rubbish so it makes no difference. It would be nice to be able to use it though. Strangley, even when set to PCM the TV sometimes outputs DD and I have to toggle between auto and PCM to get it back.

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