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Discussion in 'Panasonic TVs Forum' started by Nick009, Aug 22, 2013.

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    I recently bought a new 60" ST60 and I'm really loving it, its my first plasma, and my first flat screen, I've upgraded from a 32" CRT.

    The problem I'm having is that the DLNA or media server app seems to only work sometimes when I try to access my media files from the ST60 TV.
    My files are stored on a diskstation and I'm using the diskstation media server. I don't have any trouble accessing the files from my WDTV live, macbook running XBMC, Panasonic BDT-230 BluRay player or my apple or android phone or tablet. So I'm fairly certain the problem is to do with the TV and not the media server, disk or network.

    I have a few devices connected to a gigabit switch including an iiNet Fetch TV STB, a Humax PVR, Panasonic Bluray player, WDTV live and of course the ST60.

    It seems that when I turn the Humax PVR on the diskstation is no longer accessible from the ST60. If I turn the Humax off and keep it off, after some time, maybe 12 to 24 hours the media server is available again. It still works fine from all the other devices during this time. I had content sharing switched on on the Humax and the Humax PVR was the only media server available from the ST60. I thought perhaps the Humax server was booting the diskstation server off the network so I turn content sharing to off on the Humax but it has made no difference. So I changed the HDMI cable to a thinner one that doesn't say ethernet on it and it seems now I can have the Humax on without losing DLNA on the ST60.

    I will probably get rid of the Humax eventually but at the moment it has a heap of stuff on it that I want to watch and also it has iceTV so I can program record from my phone.

    I've assigned IP address's to all components in my Netgear WNDR3800 router and I've been through each device and assigned a manual IP address to match the settings in the router. I used the same IP address's that had previously been assigned automatically.

    Currently it seems like I've isolated and removed the problem of the Humax but I still can't access my media server on the ST60 on what seems like random occasions. The access from every other device works fine. Rebooting the diskstation seems to help but I don't really want to have to do that every time I want to watch something on the media server.

    Its not the end of the world but it is very annoying. Has anyone had anything similar? Any ideas?

    Many thanks,

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