Panasonic ST30 for £500 - Or other suggestions?


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I'm looking at getting a new TV, probably in the new year sales, so my budget around £500 as I'm hoping the i can get a TV that's worth closer to £700 with various discounts etc.

Basically, the requirements i am hoping to fulfill are: Plasma, Full HD, 3D and some form of internet/ smart ability. Main uses = Games/ Blu-Rays in hi def as i don't have Sky HD hooked up at the moment.

After reading some threads on these forums i came across the Panasonic ST30 which i have heard good things about, and seems to range from £500 (42") to £670 (50"). Personally, I'd like to stick with Panasonic so if anyone owns can they testify that the deal is as good as it sounds?

On the topic of this TV i do have a couple of quick questions though:

Firstly, it uses active 3D glasses which i've been having trouble deciding on... It seems to be a big debate everywhere but most places i read say that passive seems to a more likely winner. If i were to get this TV would it last me a few years and in this set, is the 3D good or does it suffer in anyway?

Secondly, i sit roughly 8/9ft from the TV and was kind of hoping to upgrade in size but seeing 42" at £500, 46" at £640 and 50" at £670... The increases seem out of proportion price-wise. Is it going to be noticeably better if i upgrade in size or would it be better to save a couple of hundred and grab a possible bargain?

If there are any other TV's that match this or are better please chip in as i have been looking around for months and just can't decide.




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Thanks for that link, i guess i didn't look thoroughly enough! You seem to have asked all the questions i am and I'm still struggling to decide... The GT30 looks a little out of my price range but the ST30 just seems so cheap and has exactly what i want - so it just seems too good!

The ST30 42" is listed at £502.55 dispatched by Amazon, as well as the 46". The 50" is dispatched by Tribal UK through Amazon but they have solid enough looking reputation on there.


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About 3 weeks ago COMET had the 42-ST31 @ £499 with 2 pairs of glasses (same model as ST30)

I received a quote from Panasonic for the official warranty extension to 5 years and they quoted me £130 ish.

If you want the tv with a 5 year warranty you could buy from Panasonic store 42-ST30 with 5 year warranty
@ £599 but no glasses included and no free blu ray player.

I had ordered the above tv but at the last minute decided to get the 42GT30 from Sound and Vision.

Hope this helps??


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John Lewis have for £549.95 delivered with 5 year warranty. No glasses though. May be best to wait until the 27 Dec :)

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