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Panasonic Smart VIERA TX-L42E30B only 1 HDMI slot working.


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2011 i bought a Panasonic Smart VIERA TX-L42E30B, never any problems.

A few weeks ago the HDMI port (3) my pc is connected too started giving a black screen on starting Steam RE4 HD, solved by switching to another HDMI channel then back again.

Yesterday i inserted a new gtx 970 - black screen, so i tried another HDMI port and a series of problems occurred with HDMI 2,3 and 4.

Now only HDMI 1 works, touch wood it works with PC, BluRay player, Tivo.
All the other 3 HDMI ports give black screens.

HDMI 2 gives nothing but a black screen whatever i plug in.

HDMI 3, and 4 do an odd thing when the Tivo box is connected in to either port 3 or 4, in Picture Menu advanced settings its asks if the DVI input setting should be normal or full.

When i plug the Tivo in to either 3 or 4 the picture flashes on for about a second but then is lost and its back to a black screen. However the Tivo menus and banners are visible but no video or audio.

The BluRay player gives nothing but black on 3 and 4 although on both ports the auto box comes on as though its found the machine but cant display the picture.
Plugging the BRP in slot 3 or 4 does not produce the option in advanced settings for setting the DVI input as the Tivo box does.
Sometimes if i turn the BRP on afresh the blu ray player logo shows but the screen goes black again.

HDMI 4 is a port i've never really used till yesterday after 2 and 3 started playing up.
Do i need a new TV ?.

Have reset all settings to factory and default a number of times.
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I had the same problem this time last year, eventually none of the HDMI sockets would work. I took it to a Panasonic repair center and they replaced the main board.

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