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I was given a Panasonic HDC SD90 Camcorder for Christmas and a Transcend SDXC 64GB memory card to use with it.

Unfortunately when I put this memory card into the camcorder I get a message on screen saying 'check card' and then a red symbol of a memory card with a diagonal line through it.

The camcorder manual has a table showing that an SDXC 64GB memory card can be used with this camcorder for both motion and still picture recording.

I have installed the Panasonic software that came with the camcorder and this gave me a link to dowload some software to format the memory card. I have down this but the card will still not work in the camcorder.

The camcorder works with a Panasonic SDHC 4GB memory card. I can also copy photos to the Transcend SDXC 64GB memory card, using my laptop.

Does anyone know if the Transcend SDXC 64GB memory card actually is compatible with this camcorder? Or can I only use Panasonic memory cards with a Panasonic camcorder?



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Download the Manual (in .PDF) from Panasonic website . . . it's possible it won't accept SDXC as the SD90 isn't ultramodern it may only accept SD/SDHC . . . . I guess you were lucky to get a 64G - very pricey from a Retail shop.... still charging silly prices.
16G SDHC are about the best price/G at present... on line.

If you can copy files, then the 64G is working OK.

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