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I have been looking round for a good mid-range camcorder and the SD600 keeps popping up with great reviews I think I am just about ready to buy one and started looking for the cheapest deals, most places sell them for around £530 but pixmania are selling for £427!

Its says gunmetal but other than that is this the same camcorder? is there somthing I am missing or more importantly the camera?

Here is the link:

Panasonic HDC-SD600 HIGH DEFINITION MEMORY CARD - GUN METAL review cheap prices HDC-SD600 HIGH DEFINITION MEMORY CARD - GUN METAL Panasonic best buy discount online uk shop


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I would not buy from Pixmania - don't like them.

To get a free 32gb or 10% discount from Panasonic you will need to buy the camcroder from a store.

Have you got a John Lewis near you ?

I brought mine from JL and got them to price match UK Optics. Just had a look on UK Optics website - no longer listed.

If you do have to buy it online then amazon -

Panasonic SD600 Full HD 1920x1080p Camcorder with 3MOS: Electronics

But you will not get one of the freebie from Panasonic.


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Got mine from john lewis £450 - £45 cashback from panasonic = £405 bargain. wait for sales unless u need it for xmas


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Did look on JL but there £550 now!

If its the same camera and spec at pixmania, then I dont mind using them, unless they are going to try something dodgy with my order/model.

Failing that, does anyone know anywhere online that price matches?


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£427.70 on Amazon at moment with free delivery. I'm surprised you'd rather buy from Pixmania than Amazon.


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I would defo buy it from Amazon - much better service.

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