Panasonic SCPT860 v Sony DAV-IS10


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First time i've posted here.....please be gentle!

I've found this site very very very useful for putting together my man pit re: TV's etc... I've just purchased a Samsung 40inch which should arrive in a day or so and the last thing i need to consider is DVD/home cinema thing - i can't afford separates etc.. just yet!!

I think i've got it down to the following:

Sony DAV-IS10
Panasonic SCPT860

i was wondering if anyone had any good/bad/constructive feedback on these two! or alternatively any alternative options?

Thanks in advance



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Took delivery of the Panny SCPT860 at the weekend.

Purchased Multi-Region from RGB Direct, can't complain, huge improvement over my 5 year old Sony DAVS300 system.

Subwoofer is very impressive, but you may need to fine tune your back two surrounds to input more volume as default set up is too quiet, even after auto setup.

Only other gripe is that I feel 1080p DVD upscaller could do a better job, but then again, I've been mainly watching SKY HD, Blu and HD DVD movies the past year so anything upscalled generally looks crap on the eye.

Speakers look great, very sleek and dominate the room in a nice, modern way and the gloss finish matches my LE40F86BDX perfectly.

Ipod connection is also excellent addition, and you can select your tracks and navigate using the system remote which is very handy.

Overall, I would give it 5/5, excellent value for money, wife loves it too. If you have an average size living room and an average size budget then look no further.
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Well my SCPT860 has been pretty poor as there is buzzing noise coming from all speakers when playing dvds or via the aux input - the guy at the warrantly repair centre said he's seen quite a few of the particular model - so can't say my experience has been to great as of yet - but i'll see what its like when it comes back...probably the same knowing my luck! ps - its also a pain swapping out the speaker wire on the SCPT860 - they have custom speaker connectors that need to be butchered/soldered if you wanna upgrade the cabling.


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Sorry to hear about your troubles mate... Just like anything electrical, you rarely know what you're going to get.. and trust me I've bought two consecutive Samsung LCD's and the problems they've given me will make me switch to another brand next time around.

Going back to the SCPT860, I can honestly say I'm really impressed with the system, got my sound hooked up via optical to SKY HD, PS3 AND XBOX 360 using a cheap optical switch box and I can honestly say that I have had no problems at all, sound is great etc.

Hope you get your issues resolved..



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I had my system repaired under warranty and they've managed to get rid of the buzz - i think by just replacing the system - but either way - it now sounds fab mate....Happy Days! :):clap:


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Short answer:
Smallish room, Sony.
Biggish room, Panny.

Long answer:
Provided the shape and acoustics of your room doesn't muck up how the sub works on the IS10 (i.e. doing a lot more than normal, but at least Sony make no bones about this unlike some other manufacturers) then it's actually a good system for what it does. It's not accurate and there are frequency drops, but it does what it says on the tin and excite you during movies. Music isn't too bad. It also offers two digital inputs (one optical, one coax) in the face of a single optical on the Panasonic. Both also have a stereo phono input.

The Panasonic is probably slightly better for music. Compared to previous Panny models, it has much better movie sound, owing to the upgraded subwoofer. If you have an iPod, its docking system is utterly fantastic.

Finally, if you're genuinely considering them as a stop gap before separates, just get whichever you can find cheaper, maybe go for an even cheaper system. I mean, not only would that mean it'll be less time before you can get a new system, but it'll also make the difference more apparent.

UMAR 3:16

I would say dont bother with either and get the new Sony HTIS100:thumbsup:


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have panasonic tv although was looking at the Sony, In Comet i was told the Panasonic has a better output than the Sony So purchased SCPT860 , good looking but hard to set up as instructions bit hard to follow at 1st but i got there in the end! Sound & upscaler dvd very good, i purchased 4 cables before i set it up , 2 audio & 2 for picture, but can be connected by a scart, but in my mind if you have a system you want the best possible sound/picture. Has a 'microphone' that once you have placed speakers etc where you want then it automatically sets the sound output for each, although you can adjust them to suit you, i found using the movie Gladiator (Russell Crowe) excellent for checking surround. Remote control, like tvs is a bit cheap looking (but its not the remote im looking at), all round i am pleased with the quality & the price i paid £270 ( Hope this helps, any questions please ask

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