Panasonic SCHTB15 - Does anyone have this ?? or heard it being used


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I have seen this soundbar at Costco and richer sounds both for around the same price of £199.

I am intrigued as i want a very minimalist speaker system with a sub i can hide away.

The intuiging selling point of this is the soundbar can be split into two and used as speakers at either side of the tv.

Has anyone heard this system being used, or purchased it, i would appreciate some feedback as to the quality of this and whether it is a worthy purchase.

Separate Subwoofer Included Does the sound bar come with a separate subwoofer for added bass?
Power Output in watts RMS 60/120 sub
HDMI Inputs 2
Dimensions of speaker cabinet (H x W x D) in mm 49 x 800 x 57
Sub Dimensions (H x W x D) mm. 408 x 180 x 305
Weight of unit,unboxed, in Kg 1.4
Subwoofer Weight,unboxed, in Kg 5.6



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I bought this soundbar on Monday for £191 at Richer Sounds (they price matched Amazon).

Now the connectivity on this is simple compared to an AV receiver and high end soundbars. It has 2 HDMI inputs, an optical input and a HDMI output which is ARC compatible. I have my Sky HD box connected to HDMI 1 and my Bluray player connected to HDMI 2. I wanted Dolby Digital from Sky so I have connected my Sky Box to the optical in. The optical input cannot be explicitly assigned to a HDMI port but this can be bypassed by selecting the HDMI input and then selecting the TV input on the remote (I have programmed my Harmony remote to do this automatically and it works nicely).

The optical input has been included if your TV does not have ARC but might have an optical output. My TV has an optical output but this has been taken up by Sky which means that anything that is plugged directly into the TV will not have it's sound come out the soundbar like for example my Wii and the TV's Freeview tuner. I have had to buy a 4 port optical switch which is controlled by a remote in order to get round this from America for about £50. This means I can connect my TV's optical out, Sky HD box and Xbox 360 to the optical switch and have it switch using my Harmony remote.

Apart from the simple connectivity I am extremely pleased with my purchase. The soundbar uses Dolby Virtual Speaker and Panasonic's own 3D processing to produce a decent virtual surround experience in my opinion. I was worried because I have an Onkyo HD22X in my bedroom which I used in a 2.1 config before I bought the 5.1 upgrade. The sound was terrible in stereo because the voices were muffled by other sounds in films and TV, even using Onkyo's virtual surround mode. In this soundbar the voices are clear and are not drowned out by music and other sound effects, even at low volume for late night viewing.

Oh and this is in the horizontal soundbar configuration and it sits below my TV.


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I too have purchased this sound bar, have had it for about a month. Had initial difficulties getting Dolby Digital from my Virgin TiVo box, I do from Freeview no problem but just came out with PCM from TiVo. This eventualy was resolved by connecting the TiVo box via HDMI to soundbar then the ARC HDMI from sound bar to my TV.
Anyway now to the point. I have a Panasonic 42' Plasma with Viera Internet connected by Ethernet cable. For some reason when you put TiVo onto standby and then go on line, the soundbar goes into 'safe' mode and switches off! This is really weird as I don't think this happens if you leave TiVo switched on. I have tried manually changing the HDMI input and sadly get the same result.
Now being honest I have gone back to my original settings which is TiVo HDMI direct to Tv HDMI1, and ARC HDMI from soundbar to TV. Still gives me limited DD with Freeview but only 2.1 PCM with TiVO. It's not ideal but at least now I can go line without the Soundbar switching off LOL.
Seriously am I alone with this pain in the a**e, if not does anybody know what can be done about it? Those that have TiVo will know that the system has shall we say,' issues' to sort out. This could be another one to add to the list.
Soundbar sounds ok with PCM, better than the TV volume.
Thanks for any pointers anyone can provide.
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