Panasonic SCDT310E Scart?




I am interested in buying the Panasonic SCDT310E Home Cinema system.

Can somebody please confirm to me whether it has a scart input? I have read on some reviews that it does have a Scart, but not an RGB scart?

Does not having a RGB scart make a lot of difference to the picture?

Also, does the system have an optical out?


It does not have a scart they give you a scart to phono adapter so you can go into a scart socket on the tv but not rgb.
It doesn't have a scart in or out, and it doesn't have an optical out (well there's an optical link between the units but I don't think you can use that)

Use the s-video out and it's good enough for me (no bleeding), or apparently some foreign version has component out (why the hell did they not include this on the UK version!!!?????) The thing they provide with it is crap.

By the way I am very chuffed with mine (after being most unsatisfied with a Sony davs-550 and Panny SCHT-500)
I suggest you do not buy Panasonic. My SC-HT80 has stoped reading DVD's. The Panasonic support is no support.

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